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Organisational learning, audience focus
Tel: 44 (0)161 610 0048
Mobile: 44 (0)796 836 7930

I work with organisations to:

develop the vision, overall strategy and detailed plan for their business and/or projects;
work together to transform their services and to connect to wider agendas and opportunities;
generate approaches to interpretation which engage audiences, encourage collaboration and extend access to collections;
research and analyse the impact of projects and programmes, leading to positive change.
I also provide mentoring and coaching to individuals, to support them in fulfilling their potential.

How I work:

I build a strong and active working relationship with clients to ensure that strategies and programmes are relevant, robust and sustainable. I seek to clarify goals, remove limiting assumptions and open up aspirational thinking and working. I share research findings and work with key staff, boards and stakeholders to explore their implications and develop positive solutions.
I often work with Anne Murch and with other consultants.

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Inspiring Learning for All, the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives
Support and advice to MLA and museums, archives and libraries piloting the framework; development of resources. With Anne Murch, lead consultant, 2002-2004

Inspiring the Workforce, the North West hub museums
Working with the six museums in the North West hub to identify learning and development needs for staff, volunteers and members of governing bodies; developing a 2-year programme to address these needs. With Anne Murch, 2004

A learning strategy for the Women’s Library
Consultation with staff, stakeholders and users to develop a learning strategy. With Anne Murch, 2004
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